PAY WHAT YOU WANT - Run Freak Run ebook 1 PDF - Suggested price $7

Silver Saaremael & Kaija Rudkiewicz

Dear reader, this ebook is “pay-what-you-want” humble comic! We believe in keeping Run Freak Run free forever, but we also want to give our readers a way to thank us.

We suggest a humble price of $7 but will take no offence of smaller or no payments. And of course if you pay feel like paying more for RFR, then you'll make two ecstatic happy bunnies out of us! We thank you :)

- 106 pages of RFR material!

- Run Freak Run chapters 1-5 and a brand new ebook exclusive 4-page story.

- Feel free to print, copy, share with your friends! Please don't sell them...

- High resolution files! Like, really high resolution files.

- Essays and articles from the RFR blog.

- Behind-the-scenes photography.

- DRM free

Delivered as a .pdf files Can be read on any desktop computer or tablet device!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting!

This product is not currently for sale.

RFR ebook 1

100 MB
101 pages
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